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Today's Science for Tomorrow's Scientists

TSTS Web Shot

This screen shot is from Proteins, Designing Beta Peptides, where a necklace represents different amino acid molecules that make up the primary structure of a protein.

Today's Science for Tomorrow's Scientists (TSTS) was initiated in 2006 with the support of the UW–Madison Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC). It is an interactive website that introduces students to current chemistry and engineering research topics through fun and interactive tutorials. It was developed by Caroline Pharr, a former UW–Madison graduate student, who included development and evaluation of TSTS as part of her Ph.D. research. She is now on the faculty of Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA.

In TSTS the research topics are presented at two levels: one for students in grades 5–8 and one for students in grades 9–12. The information presented conforms to the National Science Education Standards, which aids teachers in incorporating the material into their curricula.

The goal of TSTS is to educate students about cutting-edge research, to show the social implications of research, and to give students a more positive attitude about science and engineering. TSTS is housed on the ChemEd Digital Library (a Pathway project of NSF's National Science Digital Library); access it at You will find these TSTS topics:

Do you have a similar tutorial on a research topic? TSTS is designed to allow other scientists and engineers to contribute their own research tutorial to the current collection. Information on contributing a tutorial to TSTS is available on the TSTS website at the URL listed above.

Support for the initial construction of TSTS was provided by the UW-Madison NSEC