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ICE Gift Certificates

All Levels

An ICE Gift Certificate is a meaningful gift for someone who teaches chemistry and who could use good, tried and true classroom materials. A Gift Certificate also can be your solution for use as an award or a certificate of appreciation to a local teacher. A send-off present of a certificate to someone just beginning a teaching career can provide a special boost.

Gift Certificates are available in increments of $25; although $100 is the top amount listed on the order form, we can easily go higher.

ICE Gift Certificates may be used to purchase any of the materials listed and described on our Web site and in print in our Brochure and Order Form. Certificates may not be converted to cash.

BB Board Demo Kit (pre-built)

All Levels

ICE has a limited number of pre-built BB Board Demo Kits available. A simple plexiglas structure such as a BB Board filled with BBs can be used to illustrate the atomic structure of solids. It can illustrate various types of crystal defects and can be used to demonstrate annealing, hardening, and tempering of steel.

The BB Board Demo Kit comes with suggestions for using it to demonstrate the nanoscale properties of metals. Click on the ICE structure to see sample directions.

The BB Board is one of 11 tools in the ICE Devices collection of inexpensive and easy-to-build tools for the science classroom.