NanoScience in Nature: A WebQuest 
for Middle and High School Science 

Designed by 

Jeanne Nye and Andrew Greenberg


walking across the surface of a lake,

taking a swim and never getting wet, or

easily climbing the side of a building.

Is this science fiction? It might seem like it, but it is real. It’s the nanoworld!

Nanoscience isn’t new.  Technology is just beginning to help us see and understand it.

Come visit the world of nanoscience where “superfeats” are possible.

Let’s explore the nanoworld:

     How big (or little) is nano?

     What are some examples of nanoscience materials o

     processes in natureand how are they used?  

     How do we mimic nanoscience in nature?

Armed with nanoscience you can design your own superpowers!

Nanoscience in Nature