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Online Nanoscience Course

This course welcomes teachers to the nanoworld, teachers who would like to learn more about nanoscience and nanotechnology and incorporating these topics into the curriculum. Central Michigan University, in partnership with the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at UW-Madison, will again offer this 8-week online course starting June 20, 2011. It covers a variety of nano-related topics, highlights activities for use with students, and enables instructors to incorporate nanoscience into their own courses. Teachers who complete the course will receive 2 hours of graduate credit and partial support for tuition and fees. Teachers who have taken the course previously have made these comments:

"I loved the class and would like to get as many people to take it if they can."

"The material is quantity and quality. . . I think all of chemistry could be taught from a nano perspective…if students could be fully immersed in the nanoscale…people would understand chemistry better."

"I have learned a tremendous amount and I have seen many places to include what I have learned."

For more information, contact the instructor, Janice Hall Tomasik:, telephone: 989/774-3330.