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These two books, on ethics and on cooperative learning, are designed for high school teachers but have general applicability.

Experiences in Cooperative Learning

MS, HS, AP, Coll; Reference

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Experiences in Cooperative Learning is a compilation of laboratory and classroom exercises, seeds for discussion, and assessment tools and strategies gathered from teachers. It contains more than 150 pages of working, practical examples ranging from middle school science to college chemistry. The publication provides basic information about the cooperative learning technique and encourages creative thinking about the learning process.

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Scientific Ethics


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Scientific Ethics for High School Students uses case studies to stimulate classroom discussion about various topics, such as obtaining data, laboratory safety, computing ethics, and working with others. Ethics contains instructions for teachers on how and when to use these case studies, along with commentaries that discuss each topic. Ethics has been used by high school teachers since 1994 to provide a useful and enjoyable means to introduce students to ethical issues in scientific investigation. Though this publication does not deal explicitly with moral issues such as plagiarism and cheating, such issues could easily be made extensions of the discussions of ethics.

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