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Want to communicate science? ICE can help. The Institute for Chemical Education (ICE) has kits, books, and tools to help you communicate the relevance, excitement and fun of chemistry. You will find short descriptions of each of these publications, grouped by Hands-on Kits and Demos; Hands-on Activity Manuals and How-To Guides; and Books. Single or multiple copies can be ordered using our ICE Order Form. Fill out the form and then submit your order by mail, e-mail, fax, or phone as noted on the second page of the order form. This form is a .pdf file that may be opened with Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed you can download the application without charge at the Adobe site.

ICE has the experience, materials, and kits that you need to:

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The table of contents below lists all resources in our current catalog, the level at which each may be used, and the type of use. Link to a fuller description and tips for their use in the classroom.

Hands-On Science Kits and Demos  
DNA Optical Transform KitAP, CollD, I, CP
Exploring the Nanoworld Kit(MS), HS, AP, CollG, I
Fusion Science Theater Performance Kits NEW!ElemM, D
LED Color Strip Kit HS, AP, CollD, G, L
The Line of Resistance KitHS, AP, CollG, L
Memory MetalAll LevelsD, I
Nanocrystalline Solar Cell Kit (MS), HS, AP, CollG, I, L
Nanoworld Presenter's Guide with "Try This" Packet All LevelsD
Nanoworld "Try This" Packets with Handout All LevelsG, I, CP
Optical Transform KitAP, CollD, I, CP
Photochromic ICE T-shirtAll LevelsD
Polyhedral Model KitHS, AP, CollD, G, I, L
Salt Model All LevelsD, I
Solid-State Model Kit (Deluxe and Student versions)AP, CollD, G, I, L
Amorphous Metal Demonstration Kit (temporarily unavailable)All LevelsD
Explorations in Materials Science (parts available, kit out of stock)HS, AP, Coll D, G, L
NanoVenture: The Nanotechnology Board Game (discontinued)HS, AP, Coll, GPG, CP
Other Materials: replacement parts, manuals, kit components  
Hands-On Activity Manuals and How-To Guides  
Chem Camp HandbookMSM
Chemistry Companion for Middle School TeachersMSM
Fun with Chemistry: A Guidebook of K–12 Activities, Volume 1 All LevelsM
Fun with Chemistry: A Guidebook of K–12 Activities, Volume 2All LevelsM
SPICE: Guidebook for a Traveling Outreach ProgramAll LevelsM
Super Science Connections (also available as Online Publication)ElemM
Experiences in Cooperative LearningMS, HS, AP, CollReference
Scientific Ethics for High School StudentsHSCP
Online Publications  
Super Science Connections (also available in print) ElemM
ICE DevICEs: How to Construct Inexpensive Classroom & Lab ToolsMS, HS, GPM

Level of Use Type of Use
Elem Elementary K–5 M Manual (How to guide)
MS Middle School 6–8 D Demo (Demonstrate to a group or class)
HS High School 9–12 G Group Work (Activity carried out by a group of 2–3)
AP Advanced Placement I Individual Project (Activity carried out by an individual)
Coll College L Lab Exercise (Hands-on activity)
GP General Public CP Class Participation (Students or group can participate along with a Demo—purchase additional pieces)

WARNING: All ICE Kits & Publications are intended for use by teachers and properly supervised students. Teachers are expected to have the appropriate laboratory experience necessary for each Activity. All teachers and students are expected to respect normal safety precautions when performing any of the activities described in ICE Kits & Publications. Additionally, some kits contain small parts that might pose a choking hazard for small children. Neither the authors nor the publisher assumes liability for the use of information in any of our publications.